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Neferhotep Tomb Opened After Restoration

Sun 11 Feb 2024 | 03:00 PM
Ali abo dashish

This morning, the Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities Dr. Mostafa Wazziri, and Argentina Ambassador in Cairo Gonzalo Urriolabeitia opened the tomb of Neferhotep in Luxor after the conclusion of restoration work. The restorations were done by an Argentinian mission.

Wazziri highlighted that the opening of a new tourist site such as this unique, and beautiful tomb adds a new advantage for Luxor and its landmarks, especially in light of the increasing winter tourism to the city.

Mohamed Abdel Badie, Head of the Central Administration of Upper Egyptian Antiquities said that the tomb dates back to the 18th dynasty era, and it belonged to one of the senior officials during the reign of King Ay. The official was called Neferhotep and he carried various high-ranked titles.

Abdel Badie expressed that the importance of the tomb lies in shedding light on the changes in the funerary ceremonies after the reign of Akhenaten.

Dr. Fathy Yassine, Director General of Antiquities of Upper Egypt, said that the Argentinian mission, supervised by Buenos Aires University, documented and recorded the texts of the tomb, in addition to the process of restoration.

On her side, Dr. Violeta Pereyra, the director of the Argentinian Archaeological mission in Egypt, expressed her pleasure after the opening of the tomb.

Contributed by: Rana Atef