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NCHR Vice-President: Abou El-Enein Served His Country for Decades

Wed 10 Nov 2021 | 08:48 PM
NaDa Mustafa

Mahmoud Karem, Vice-President of the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR), said that MP Mohamed Abou El-Enein, Parliament Deputy Speaker has served this country for decades.


In his word During an honoring ceremony held by the Egyptian European Council, to bid farewell to the Japanese ambassador in Cairo Noki Masaki, Karem said that he served as Egypt's ambassador to Japan until 2004, hailing the close relations between Egypt and Japan.


He also pointed out that Egypt has benefited from the Japanese experience in many projects, foremost of which, the Al-Salam Bridge, one of the highest bridges in the world, the Abu Al-Rish Hospital, and the Zafarana power plant.


In addition, he stressed that the Japanese people love Egyptian culture, a matter which reflected on the number of Japanese tourists visiting Egypt, which reached more than 100,000 annually.

In 1862, when the Samurai mission returned to Japan, they were impressed by three things in Egypt, including public cleanliness, railways, and telecommunications, and expressed their hope to follow Egypt’s steps, the Vice-President of NCHR noted.

Moreover, Karem expressed his happiness that President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi named one of Egypt's main axis after former Japanese Prime Minister (PM) Shinzo Abe.