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NATO Holds Secret Nuclear War Exercises in Germany, Ignores Turkey

Thu 15 Oct 2020 | 08:38 PM
Ahmed Moamar

Some members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) held secret maneuvers in Germany but they did not call on Turkey to participate in these drills.

Tensions have escalated between Turkey and the three countries, Germany, France and Greece, due to what is happening in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Crises reflected in the exercises of NATO despite the four countries are all members of the organization.

Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Italy, launched joint nuclear war maneuvers, and B61 bombs in Turkey were used during the exercises in warplanes.

However, it was noteworthy that the Turkish armed forces did not attend this training in practice.

According to reports in the Turkish newspaper Sozjo, the "secret" nuclear war exercises began this week in Germany.

The exercises, called "Steadfast Noon", include German,  Dutch, Belgian and Italian warplanes.

In these exercises, the B61 nuclear bombs are loaded onboard aircraft under the NATO umbrella.

On the other hand, the German newspaper "Bild" said that this type of nuclear bomb is stored in Turkey, but  Turkey did not participate in these exercises.

The location of the secret NATO exercises has been identified as the Norvinich Air Base.

Sources close to the NATO command claim that the B61 hydrogen bombs are also stored in Bushel, Germany, and the Air Force is simultaneously training to protect the stored areas.

While testing the use of B61 bombs by German forces, Patriot defense systems were also deployed in the area against any attack.

Over the last few years, NATO and Russia traded accusations of threatening stability in Middle and Eastern Europe.

According to military experts, the Steadfast Noon organized exercise in October is testing how US nuclear weapons can be safely transported to aircraft from protected underground sites and installed under combat aircraft.

However, this information was not previously announced about this training.

Experts confirm that the Strategic Nuclear Weapon Limit Agreement will expire on February 5, 2021.