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NASA, NatGeo Release New Photo for Lunar South Pole

Wed 20 Sep 2023 | 01:33 PM
Rana Atef

NASA released new photos of the lunar south pole from two different cameras in orbit around the moon.

National Geographic shared a never seen before and high-resolution composite image of the lunar south pole with a detailed map of Artemis 3 candidate landing sites.

This striking image of the moon's south pole was made from a series of photos taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) and ShadowCam.

NASA and NatGeo captioned the photo: "Shrouded in permanent darkness, the interior of Shackleton crater near the moon's south pole is revealed in this stunning mosaic. The crater itself was captured by ShadowCam, a NASA instrument designed to peer into the shadowy parts of the lunar surface that has been orbiting the moon for almost a year on the South Korean spacecraft Danuri. 

The surrounding areas were imaged by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera. Portions of three of the 13 potential landing regions for astronauts during Artemis 3 can be seen in this image."