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Nancy Ajram to Make Acting Debut in TV Series “Nisa Min Dahab”

Thu 05 Mar 2020 | 12:16 PM
Yara Sameh

Lebanese recording artist, Nancy Ajram is set to make her acting debut in TV series “Nisa min dahab” (Women made of Gold), which will be premiered in Ramadan 2020.

The series will be written by Amin Gamal and directed by Wael Ehsan, and is adapted from an American story produced by the famed Disney company.

“Nisa min dahab” will star four strong female leads, featuring Nadia El Gendy, Nabila Ebeid, Hala Fakher, and Samiha Ayoub.

Many celebrities are making a guest appearance including, Ahmed Fahmi, Rogena, Bayoumi Fouad, Mostafa Abo Seria, Mayan El Sayed, Badriya Tolba, Hanady Mehanna, Khaled Anwar, Soleiman Eid, Haifa Wehbe, and others.

The series will be the first collaboration between El Gendy and Ebeid, which came at the request of the channel that will be premiering the series.

The stars met more than once during the last period to partake in working sessions.

The series witnesses El Gendy’s return after 4 years of absence, as her latest TV series is “secrets” produced in 2015, while it witnesses Ebeid’s return after 6 years of absence as her latest TV series is “Keed Al-Nasa 2” produced in 2012.

Ajram will also perform the theme song of the series alongside the series main leading actress, which is by the lyrics of Tamer Hussein and composed by Walid Saad.

The series revolves around two women who buy the same villa from a swindler, they find themselves forced to live together and enters into major conflicts, but over time they are forced to deal with each other and their relationship becomes better.

The cast began filming their first scenes at a villa in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, which is the main decoration set for the series.