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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Naima Kamel Presents Hijab Wears, Modesty for Summer

Wed 07 Aug 2019 | 12:49 PM
Pasant Elzaitony

The Egyptian designer Naima Kamel has performed dazzlingly over the long past years.

She presented practical and smart dresses that are suitable for the veiled woman.

Naima Kamel an Egyptian designer

Here is a preview of her last collection that was presented for the occasion of Eid Al Adha.

In that collection, she mixed the latest fashion trends with her genius ideas.

Lace and transparent clothes are the most prevailing in designs of this summer.

In fashtion

The designer has taken the challenge to make the veiled woman appears following the last trend of the fashion whatever the main trends of fashion.

Kamel presented the broidered clothes that look like lace along with a modest style.

This model could be dressed over a blouse and trousers to make the veiled woman look modest and elegant in the same time.

Na’ema Kamel's design

The loose is attractive

The loose dresses don’t mean model loose designs that may make the wearer gains more weight.

However, the loose dress means a well-done wear that occults defects of the body and shows elegance catches the eye.

Collection of the upcoming Eid includes a group of loose elegant dresses depend on beauty of colors.


Straight Lines

The designer adopted straight lines in clippings and used the striped designs that gives more elegance.

Spotted and striped

The designer used the spotted and striped cloth, which is one of the most trends of fashion this season for big –sized women.

It is recommended that slim women girls should wear such a design.

Hejab's design

Secrets of Kaftan

Loose Kaftan has many admirers.

It is a practical and comfortable, so Kamel presented a number of distinguished and invented forms.

She depended on the cloth printed in heavenly youth colors to produce designs longer than usual to be more practical.

The woman should wear Jeans or cloth pants under the Kaftan.

She also presented creative designs of abaya in plain colors.

Loose Kaftan

Elegance of the headscarf

Undoubtedly, the headscarf by its knotting has a big role in deciding the elegance of any design.

Kamel recognizes that well, so she presented simple designs to go with the modern trends of headscarves with heavenly colors to be worn with plain blouses and pants either jeans or cloth.

The best way to knot the headscarf is to put it round the face and neck and let the two ends dangling on the back and breast.Those knots add more elegance with black dresses that many women like despite summertime and its sweltering heat.

However, Kamel presented her designs using light cotton cloth but not transparent material to go with modesty.

Elegance of the headscarf

Beauty of sleeves

Sleeves have many and various designs.

This season's fashion has adopted the ruffles to the sleeves either the upper or the lower parts of the sleeves in form of side ruffles to give a distinguished appearance.

However, suitable to those designs are the slimmer girls or women. It inflates who wear that design. So the meager women like to wear it.