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Nadia Rashad,Op-ed

Sat 23 Mar 2024 | 07:29 PM
Dr. Hadi Eltonsi
Dr. Hadi Eltonsi
Dr. Hadi Eltonsi, Former Ambassador and Medical Doctor

Noble origins, humility, compatibility with living in the most important capitals of the world and the most ethnically and culturally diverse countries and civilizations, the ability to deal with the finest personalities and accommodate the simple citizen, and to be spontaneous, practical, honest, understanding and beloved at the same time, to live the splendor of a diplomatic life with the husband, and to live alone for decades after his death, to combine the depth of feeling for others and the kindness of dealing, and to radiate that cheerful, active energy to everyone, even with the annoying teenagers with their chaos in the neighborhood streets, to devote herself to sports and practice it until the eighth decade of her life, to be a free, independent personality and a caring, fair, firm, beloved, organized, supportive, and persuasive mother, and for her motherhood to extend to taking care of pets in her home; a mercy known only to someone who has lived as a passing soul in the lives of her acquaintances and lovers, taking care of and being kind to their souls, and comforting their loneliness; with her overwhelming highness you cannot help but agree with her, even if you don’t feel the happiness and activity she radiates in your life. 

However, she is realistic, practical, and positive to the core. Her motivations stem from authentic upbringing, global experience, and national identity which has resulted in a deep interest in understanding youngsters motivations , hopes and gatherings, to think about their needs and how to care for them, until the neighborhood’s youth called her “the godmother of Maadi”. 


This caring loving respectful mother and grandmother passed away weeks after her loved ones celebrated her turning eighty with a surprise party for her, a surprise because she was not seeking to attract love, but rather to be herself, to feel, express, and care sincerely, in her charming and witty ways. A balanced, cheerful and tactful leader who influenced, inspired, and motivated her family, her grandchildren, and the greater family of the neighborhood that she loved and they loved her in return.

The strong, authentic personality maintains its nature, peace, and love, no matter how time fluctuates, from youth to old age, from health to illness, from the splendor of diplomatic life in the most beautiful capitals and the oldest civilizations, to the contentment of living alone in a neighborhood whose past was more beautiful than its present, from the intimacy of life with family and friends to genuine care for the youth and simple people of a changing society in need to an understanding compassionate merciful someone to share and serve.

Many people loved Nadia Rashad, even if some of them did not realize the secret of that love. It is not easy for a person to explore further and deeper than what he has, but her unconditional love, her impartiality in giving and service, her kindness and joy even when there is disagreement, leave in the soul an inspiring memory that you may understand even after a while. She lived alone for decades, but she was not lonely , as everyone was in her heart. Therefore, even if she is gone, she will remain in the hearts of her lovers, a role model that radiates joy and love, peace and hope, authenticity and belonging, spontaneity and honesty.

May God have mercy on Nadia Rashad, and keep her as a guiding spirit for a more loving, compassionate, and peaceful world.

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