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Mr. Mostapha Bousmina & Concept of Time & Space

Sat 03 Jun 2023 | 09:05 PM
Dr. Abdelhak Azzouzi
Dr. Abdelhak Azzouzi
By Pr. Abdelhak Azzouzi

The Euro-Mediterranean University of Fes (EMUF) is considered one of the most prestigious universities globally. I'm honored to be among its founders and a member of its board of directors. His Majesty King Mohammed VI is the Honorary President of the institution. It has received endorsement from 43 member countries of the Union for the Mediterranean. Anyone observing the university's activities can't help but express their admiration for its remarkable achievements in record time.

It is an educational and research institution that seeks to be a link between the two shores of the Mediterranean and Africa and a driving force for development in the region.

The university has a prominent position among the major international universities, especially since it has serious agreements with leading companies, universities, and institutions. Its president, Mustapha Bousmina, has succeeded in transforming 50 hectares of land and plains into towering and multi-specialized buildings, where engineers graduate in various specialties and doctors in all fields of science. Bousmina is also one of the top physicists in the world, with dozens of patents and numerous international awards, and has played a leading role in creating many major laboratories, especially in North America.

Recently, I attended a valuable lecture given by Mostapha Bousmina at the university on "time", which was well-received by the audience and the lecture hall was completely silent.

The experience taught me that whenever there is absolute silence in the lecture hall except for the speaker, and when the audience does not feel the passage of time, it is a sign of the success of the lecture.

The topic of the lecture was one of the topics that sparked a lot of discussion, and many equations were formed from it, leading to the moon landing and the invention of everything that contributes to human development.

The concept of space and time is considerted as one of the most important issues that philosophers and scientists have expounded in search of its truth.

The history of science and philosophy has advocated the importance given to them. If Newton had argued for absolute space and absolute time, Einstein’s theory of relativity came to prove their relativity, which as a concept, greatly influenced the world and the philosophers’ view of the universe.

The principles of relativity created new philosophical positions. Gaston Bachlard, for example, announced the concept of epistemological break created by the theory of relativity with Newton’s theory of physics

In his lecture, Bousmina also touched on another topic, namely the difference between Einstein and Newton's gravity. Gravity is a fundamental interaction (a force of attraction) that causes mutual attraction between all things with mass or energy. Gravity is a universal force, meaning it acts on all objects with mass, no matter how large or small the object is. However, compared to other fundamental forces, gravity is a relatively weak force. In brief, Einstein gravity and Newton gravity are two concepts in physics that describe the interactions between particles with masses

As academics, when we are surrounded by endless administrative responsibilities and tasks, we find comfort in giving lectures or teaching our students. Personally, when I am tired, that fatigue disappears as soon as I enter the lecture hall to give a lecture and interact with my students. Bousmina expressed the same feeling in his lecture.

Despite his international responsibilities as the president of the Euro-Mediterranean University of Fes and his presidency in Nairobi, Kenya for the African Scientific Research and Innovation Council (ASRIC), he finds happiness and activity as a university professor.

It is a noble profession because you are shaping the future generations and living with your students and researchers in the realm of knowledge and scientific research. You build strong bridges to stop the spread of ignorance. Moreover, Allah raises your status, as stated in the Holy Quran: "Allah will exalt in degree those of you who believe, and those who have been granted knowledge."