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Mousa Praises Efforts of Abou El-Enein's Charitable Foundation-VIDEO

Wed 28 Dec 2022 | 11:50 PM
Ahmed Mousa
Ahmed Mousa
Nada Mustafa

Prominent journalist and TV Host Ahmed Musa praised on Wednesday the efforts of the Abou El-Enein Charitable Foundation, in cooperation with the National Alliance for Civil Development Work, after providing food commodities to citizens in the villages of Sohag Governorate.

In "Alaa Masoulity" (On My Responsibility) talkshow, Moussa said that the villages of the governorate witnessed a quantum leap after their inclusion in 'Decent Life' Initiative, noting that MP Mohammad Abou El-Enein's foundation is present in Umm Doma village in Sohag, in order to undergo a medical examination for citizens and provide many services.

Moreover, Moussa thanked Sohag Governor, Major-General Tariq El-Feki, due to his remarkable efforts on the ground; In order to serve the citizens, pointing out that all the needs of the citizens are provided within each village through a public complex for services.

He also explained that the state has incurred EGP 1 trillion, the total cost of the initiative, in order to reduce the burdens on the people of the villages, and to provide them with services in their villages; upon the directives of President Sisi, who feels for the Egyptians, and works to serve them.