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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Moderately Warm Weather to Prevail in Cairo on Sunday, EMA Predicts

Sun 26 Mar 2023 | 09:01 AM
Weather in Egypt
Weather in Egypt
Rana Atef

The Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) revealed that the great Cairo, Lower Egypt, northern coasts, and the north of Upper Egypt would see moderately Warm weather, during the daytime of Sunday.

In addition, South Sinai would experience warm weather, on the other hand, a moderately hot atmosphere would prevail in the south of Upper Egypt.

EMA added that there will be light to medium rains intermittently in different parts of northern coasts, South Sinai, the Red Sea Mountains, and the north of Lower Egypt.

Strong mist would fall upon the roads and highways nearby watery bodies and green areas.

Cold weather will prevail at night and in the early morning.

Temperatures predicted for the following cities are: 222°C in Cairo, 20°C in Alexandria, 19°C in Matruh, 25°C in Sohag, 26°C in Qena, and 27°C in Aswan.