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Millie Bobby Brown Launches New Clothing Line

Fri 26 Jan 2024 | 03:47 PM
Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown
Yara Sameh

British actress Millie Bobby Brown is launching a clothing line under her eponymous brand, Florence by Mills.

The 19-year-old entrepreneur has set her focus on fashion, expanding her company to now include beauty products, fragrances, coffee, pet supplies, and garments.

Speaking to Elle, Brown explained how her desire to put forth a collection reminiscent of her style stemmed from the years she spent developing it.

In her eyes, the line should be a mechanism for creativity. The "Stranger Things" star, who rose to fame at the age of 10, wants her customers to find unique ways to wear the pieces designed to prioritize comfort. Brown would love for people to alternate between aesthetics, switching from leisure to chic.

“I was 10. I was going to these events and ceremonies, and all these big fashion brands wanted to style me. I didn’t know what my personal style was, and the only time I got dressed, other than for ceremonies, was to go to work,” Brown said. “As I got older, I was like, ‘What is my personal style?’ A lot of my friends already knew [their styles], but I didn’t know mine.”

She continued, “For me, fashion has always been ever-evolving. It’s fluid, and I wanted to create something so that girls going through that similar experience have a resource to be able to try innovative new outfits and styles and phases,”.

Brown centered her collection around affordability and accessibility. It was important that her generation would be able to pay for the clothing and find exactly what they needed. More than that, she designed pieces that were reminiscent of her go-to looks. 

She described her closet as “cozy” and “soft”. With that in mind, the first piece she created for the collection was a pair of boxer shorts – an item she’s always wanted for herself.

She added, “If I was to describe an aesthetic, I’m into a boho vibe. Anything loose-fitting and very comfortable. I like lighter colours. I’m not especially femme; sometimes I feel [femme] and then sometimes I don’t.”

“I wanted to create really stretchy, soft materials that girls felt comfortable with going to school, going to work, things like that,” the Damsel lead said. “I want people to feel like they’re wearing pyjamas, but they’re able to go outside. That’s what I like. I want to wear pyjamas to work.”

Brown decided to go against recent fads and offer pieces that could be added to a capsule wardrobe. The actress views her customers as individuals, and not everyone loves to wear what’s trending.

“If one person can’t wear it, I’m not interested in making it. It needs to be for everyone,” she noted on the inclusivity aspect of her line. “I made sure we could go the biggest size we could. I made sure we were using stretch materials, things that are better for girls to wear in regard to whatever they’re doing.”

With self-confidence at the heart of her passion for fashion, Brown operates under the mindset, “I wear the clothes; the clothes don’t wear me.” And so, her Florence collection was formed with the hope that everyone will feel proud and confident in each piece.

Brown launched Florence by Mills in 2019. At the time, the company only sold beauty products.