Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Meta to Charge EU Users for Ad-Free Instagram & Facebook

Wed 04 Oct 2023 | 04:19 PM
By Ahmad El-Assasy

Meta Platforms is reportedly exploring the introduction of subscription options that would allow Instagram and Facebook users in Europe to enjoy an ad-free experience, as disclosed by two individuals with knowledge of the matter on Tuesday.

Numerous pricing strategies have been under consideration, with one insider suggesting that the most viable option is a monthly fee of 10 euros ($10.49). 

Another source indicated that the implementation of such subscriptions is anticipated in the coming months.

This initiative is Meta's response to European Union regulations that pose a threat to its ability to personalize advertisements for users without their explicit consent, thereby impacting its primary revenue stream. 

By presenting users with a choice between a cost-free, ad-supported plan and a paid subscription, Meta aims to enable compliance with regulations while safeguarding its advertising business.

In comparison, Netflix offers a streaming subscription at 7.99 euros for a basic plan, while Alphabet's YouTube Premium is priced at approximately 12 euros, and Spotify's Premium service is available for about 11 euros. 

For mobile device users, the cost of a single account would rise to around 13 euros, as Meta would factor in commissions levied by Apple's and Google's app stores, according to the second source.