Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Meta Extends Maximum Facebook Reel Length to 90 Seconds

Sun 05 Mar 2023 | 08:37 AM
Omnia Ahmed

Meta enlarged the length of Facebook Reels from 60 to 90 seconds, along with some new creative tools, the tech giant recently announced.

This step comes months after Meta launched support for longer Instagram Reels of up to 90 seconds. The expansion followed TikTok’s move into YouTube’s territory with videos that can be up to 10 minutes in length, instead of just three.

In the same vein, the firm is launching more attractive features, including a new templates tool that allows users to create Reels with trending templates.

The new feature, which rolled out to Instagram Reels last year, enables users to create new Reels using the same structure as one they just watched.

Meanwhile, Facebook Reels is getting a new “Grooves” feature that automatically syncs the motion in your video to the beat of your favorite track through visual beat technology.

It is worth noting that Facebook launched Reels last year as a part of Meta’s response to the TikTok threat.