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Mery to Upper Egyptians: Era of Neglect is Over

Fri 24 Dec 2021 | 02:16 PM
Nawal Sayed

Khaled Mery, well-known media figure and anchor, said Thursday that Upper Egypt is a "new password" related to history, geography and civilization.

"Every time the sun rises since 2014, we see new projects in Upper Egypt, which has suffered from deprivation and complete neglect over the past years," Mery said during his TV show named "Password" on Sada El-Balad satellite channel on Thursday.

Mery added that "the era of neglect and suffering has ended completely...There is no deprivation after today," commenting: "I am not saying this because I belong to Upper Egypt, but because I lived and felt the deprivation and suffering that the Upper Egyptians experienced."

He stressed that all the people of Upper Egypt - and I was one of them - look at Cairo as if they are not citizens who have rights in this country.

He noted, "During my studies, we were suffering during the trip to school or even university. We lacked all phenomena of civilization in Upper Egypt, and no one asked and cared, and the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood was trying to recruit young people."

"But when President Abdel Fattah El Sisi came in power, interest in all levels appeared. The president said that a trillion Egyptian pounds has been spent since 2014 until now in various sectors, including health and education," the anchor stressed.

He disclosed that "The Upper Egypt projects that are being established will end on schedule or before their opening date, because the people of Upper Egypt deserve that, and from now Upper Egypt will not be expelling the population and young people will find job opportunities in their districts."