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MBC Reveals Fate of Prank Show “Ramez Majnoun Rasmi”

Wed 29 Apr 2020 | 02:30 PM
Yara Sameh

Egyptian actor and prankster, Ramez Galal received “a lot of heat” over his new prank show, “Ramez Majnoun Rasmi” since its first episode, which is currently premiering in Ramadan on a several MBC owned channels.

Galal hosted a prank show every Ramadan over the past seven years, which is popular between the youngsters, pre-teens, and half the population of the Arab world.

The shows are held under a different theme and name every year, which always scared the jeepers out of his celebrity guests’, letting them believe that they have been kidnapped by extremists, or trapped inside the elevator with a lion in front of them.

The show is popular among its audiences due to the viewers’ wish to watch celebrities in a position their most vulnerable position, to see how they would react in certain circumstances, as a way of shattering the belief that famous people are untouchable, perhaps?


Egypt’s Supreme Council of Media Regulations held on Monday an emergency meeting to discuss “Ramez Majnoun Rasmi” prank show violations, and the complaint of the Abbasia Mental Hospital in Egypt regarding the program.

The hospital issued a lengthy-statement condemning Galal’s prank show, demanding its suspension for promotes narcissism, bullying, and sadism.

The hospital statement comes amid an ongoing backlash on social media against the show, as many viewers are calling for the suspension of the show, which is something that has happened in previous seasons.

MBC responds

MBC Group spokesman Mazen Hayek revealed the fate of the prank show, saying: “There is no intention to suspend it; it is screened on 5 channels, which achieves the highest view rates,”.

“The show achieved 120 million views on various platforms, during the first two days of the screening.” he added.

It is worth mentioning that the prank show topped the viewership rates since the first days of its premiere, despite calls for its suspension.

Ramez Majnoun Rasmi ranked first in the audience size viewership across different platforms in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, and Qatar.

It also ranked third in the UAE, Algeria, and fourth in Morocco among the programs and series screened in Ramadan.

This year, the prank show features the guests being strapped into a confession chair and asked a series of questions as well as subjected to humiliating situations that border on torture.

The first episode of the new season featured Egyptian actress Ghada Adel, who appears to believe she is on a talk show hosted by Yemeni singer and television host, Arwa.