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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Marriage in Time of "Corona" .. Postponement or Conditional Wedding

Sat 28 Mar 2020 | 08:01 PM
Wafaa Fayez

The spread of the Coronavirus has radically changed marriage habits around the world. Some resorted to postponing their wedding until the virus is eliminated, and life returns to normal, while others were forced to hold the wedding in the presence of the families of the newlyweds only. They wore masks and stood at a distance of not less than one meter between each inpidual.

The US had 450,000 weddings slated for March through May but the pandemic has prompted disappointment, delays, and some creative thinking.

For the $78bn US wedding industry as a whole, the coronavirus-driven death knell came on 15 March when the CDC advised the public to avoid gatherings of 50 people or more for the subsequent eight weeks.

The chaotic fallout has included a mad scramble to postpone upcoming wedding dates, which in turn has fostered intense competition to secure the fast-dwindling slots available for late summer and fall bookings in particular.

In Malaysia, there was a scene of a wedding contract for newlyweds differently than usual. As the person responsible for concluding the marriage contract was standing behind the door of his house, while the newlyweds, witnesses and a few relatives stood in front of the house, wearing masks. There is no shaking hands and no sitting in a mosque, house or wedding hall, as usual.

The scene was repeated again in another area, where newlyweds took pictures in open places without anyone.

The Malaysian state of Selangor has issued instructions to postpone all marriage contracts until March 31. And then return to the registration of marriage contracts, but with the conditions mentioned, with reference to the health status of those present. The state of Selangor indicated that the marriage contract would be canceled or postponed if it was found that one of the newlyweds had Corona.

Also, in Indonesia, there were some conditions for the wedding contract, including the attendees wearing masks and cleaning their hands and standing a distance of not less than a meter between each inpidual.

Omar and his wife, two Egyptian brides, decided to hold their wedding without violating the laws of the state, so the newlyweds wore wedding clothes in an elegant suit and white dress. In addition to putting medical masks on the mouth and nose.

A number of beauty experts and owners of the cosmetic centers also called on the girls to postpone their wedding for the sake of their safety. Also, the cosmetic experts announced that a number of gifts would be given to girls, after the elimination of the Coronavirus.

Not only that but also, a number of girls have voted on social media pages that include a number of questions. These questions are:

"Do you agree to postpone the wedding for another time until the virus is eliminated?"

Do you agree to the wedding contract in the presence of the newlyweds' family only?

Do you agree to the bride going to her husband's house only without any wedding?

Most of the answers supported the opinion of postponing the wedding to another time.