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Marie Louis holds Reception of Fall/Winter Collection [Video]

Sat 17 Nov 2018 | 09:44 AM
Taarek Refaat

By: Taarek Refaat

CAIRO, Nov. 17 (SEE)- Marie Louis, Designer and Chairman of Bishara for fashion held a reception of her fall-winter collection 2018-2019 at the historical Manial Palace this week.

Fashion designer Gina Sultan, young artist Heba Al-Imam along with a big crowd of fashion followers were among the attendees.

The collection featured several designs including, wedding dresses, vintage trim ankle boots, leather swing coats, loose trousers, peacoats, as well as a distinctive collection of classic suits, and stylish winter pullovers.

Louis said in an exclusive interview with Sada El-Balad English (SEE) that she exports 60 percent of her items to London, Paris, and the United States, adding that she is launching a new store in a neighboring Arab country.

She revealed that her daughter Anne Marie will launch a new sub-brand called "Tiyi" next December.

"We are proud to include 100% Egyptian cotton in our items. It is the core of our textile industry," Louis said.

"We use extra long Egyptian cotton staples measuring 100/2, 80/2, 120, and we know as designers how to put a spot on the Egyptian white gold in all international events," she added.

Egypt will have a 100-meters partition in Premiere Vision Paris, in which all Egyptians weavers will be present at the event.

"Our country is heading forward in all fields, and fashion is a soft power that will represent it in a beautiful scheme," she asserted.

Louis is expected to throw another fashion show next January.