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Makeup Expert Alaa Eltonsy Unveils Winter Makeup Trends for 2023

Sun 27 Nov 2022 | 10:38 PM
By Pasant Elzaitony

Makeup occupies the thought of many women, especially with the approach of Christmas and New Year celebrations and the increase in parties and evenings.

As makeup is not only about technique and style but is also about colours recommended by experts in this field.

"SEENews" met beautician and makeup expert Alaa Eltonsy, who puts distinctive touches on celebrities, socialites, and the bride-to-be, regarding the latest trends the beauty world is embracing for winter 2023.

expert Alaa Eltonsy with sherihanexpert Alaa Eltonsy with sherihan

*What style do you prefer this winter?

There is no specific style, each one got its style.

*What colours are making a comeback?

Green eye shadow is making a comeback this winter, as well as dark red lipstick is a major trend in the evenings.

* How to perfect morning makeup?

The natural calm colours are the preferred look for morning makeup, as it is the secret of natural beauty and freshness, provided that the colours used are suitable for the skin.

*Can international makeup brands be replaced by domestic products?

Of course, we have high-quality domestic products that give fantastic results.

*Is winged eyeliner still on trend?

Yes, it is still trendy. It is preferable to be worn in the evenings.

*Hot pink colour is trending this winter, do you prefer matching it with calm or strong makeup?

I prefer the fuchsia lipstick to be worn in the evening and night activities along with smokey eye makeup or any eyeliner, per how women prefer to do their makeup.

*Is dark lipstick recommended for Christmas celebrations?

It is better to wear red or burgundy lipstick for Christmas evenings.

Contributed by Yara Sameh