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Mai Omar Receives Major Blow after UMS Ends Dealings with Mohamed Samy

Sat 15 May 2021 | 05:41 AM
Taarek Refaat

Actress Mai Omar received a major blow after production company United Media Services (UMS) announced Stoping work with Husband Mohamed Samy.

Mai published through her personal social media account: “What gloating and how much joy did I see in you? Indeed, eyes do not hate other than those who are better than them."

UMS had announced earlier that it will stop dealing with director and screenwriter Mohamed Samy.

[caption id="attachment_239466" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Director Mohamed Samy and his Sister Reem Samy during the shooting of Nasr Al Aghrab Series[/caption]

Bloggers, and social media users interacted with the decision related  to Samy after his latest series "Nasr El Aghrab" The Offspring of Strangers.

The comments praised the decision after the series was subjected to great criticism because of the scenes of violence and exaggerations, as well as the dead of all the heroes during the Ramadan series, except the director's wife Mai Omar, and his sister Reem Samy.