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Macron: Eliminating Hamas Could Take 10 Years of War

Sun 03 Dec 2023 | 06:52 AM
Taarek Refaat

Macron warned of an "endless war" by questioning the reality of Israel's intentions regarding the real ability to eliminate Hamas.

This came in a press conference, Saturday, on the sidelines of the "COP28" in Dubai.

 "What does it mean to completely eliminate Hamas? Does anyone believe that this is possible? ... If that is the case, the war will last ten years," Macron asked.

He added, "Therefore, this goal must be clarified" by the "Israeli authorities," warning of "an endless war."

The French President stressed that "a good confrontation with terrorism does not consist of systematic and continuous bombing," expressing "concern" about the end of the effects of the truce between Israel and Hamas on Friday.

He considered that "the correct response to a terrorist organization is not to eliminate an entire region or bomb entire civilian infrastructure."

Macron stressed that the matter is related to the "permanent security" of Israel, which cannot be guaranteed if it is established "at the expense of Palestinian lives, thus displeasing all public opinion in the region."

Accordingly, he called for "redoubling efforts to reach a permanent ceasefire, to release all hostages still held by Hamas and to provide the people of Gaza with the assistance they urgently need."

He also urged "to make Israel confident of restoring its security in parallel with responding to the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinians, by achieving the political goal of the promise of establishing two states."

Regarding the release of the hostages who are still being held, the French President said: “We need several days of work,” referring to “the ongoing and ongoing negotiations.”

Macron is scheduled to make a quick visit this evening to Qatar, where he will have dinner with Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of the country that is leading the truce negotiations and the release of the hostages.