Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Libya's PM Says We Will Enter Tripoli in Next Few Days without Bloodshed

Mon 28 Mar 2022 | 02:51 PM

On Monday, the Libyan Prime Minister of the Government of National Stability Fathi Bashagha said that his government will be present in the capital during the next few days "smoothly and without bloodshed," noting that "armed militias stood by the outgoing government, but they are retreating."

This came in an interview with Bashagha with the Saudi news channel Al Hadath, explaining that communications have been opened with armed groups and politicians in western Libya, in addition to “intense international contacts to create an appropriate atmosphere because the expired government has caused media and public opinion confusion."

He added, "a lot has changed in the armed and political circles, and we will enter Tripoli in the next few days.”

He stressed that "the confrontation with Dabaiba is carried out by the force of law and it is not possible to slip into armed conflict".

In an interview with WTV on Saturday, Bashagha stressed that "the government will only work in Tripoli," saying: "We have actually entered the handover phase."

Bashagha and members of his government took the legal oath in early March before the House of Representatives.

Bashagha and members of his government took the legal oath earlier this month before the House of Representatives but they have been unable to reach the capital, Tripoli, after Government National Unity Government Prime Minister Abdulhamid Dabaiba rejected the handover of power.