Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Libya PM’s Home Targeted with Rocket, Authorities Say

Mon 01 Apr 2024 | 02:06 PM

The residence of Libyan Prime Minister Abdulhamid al-Dbeibah was targeted with rocket-propelled grenades on Sunday in an attack that left no casualties, a Libyan minister told Reuters.

The minister, who spoke in condition of anonymity, confirmed in a message that the attack only caused some damage. The minister has not disclosed any further details.

Two citizens said they heard massive explosions near the sea in Tripoli's luxury Hay Andalus neighborhood, where the prime minister’s home is located.

Another citizen said after the massive explosions were heard, heavy security forces with their vehicles were deployed around the area.

Libya has had little peace or stability since a 2011 NATO-backed uprising, and split in 2014 between eastern and western factions, with rival administrations governing each area.

Dbeibah's Government of National Unity was installed through a U.N.-backed process in 2021 but the parliament, in the east, stopped recognizing its legitimacy at the end of that year after a failed attempt to hold national elections, which led to prolonged political deadlock.

Early of March, three key leaders said they agreed on the "necessity" of forming a new unified government that would supervise long-delayed elections.

Dbeibah has vowed not to cede power to a new government without national elections.