Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Lebanon Streets Cleaned Up after Protesters-Security Personnel Clashes

Sun 09 Aug 2020 | 05:59 PM
Ezzeldin Essam Ezzeldin

Today, the streets of Lebanon witnessed a state of serenity mingled with caution after the sharp clashes and confrontations that took place yesterday between the demonstrators and the security forces. The confrontations ensued after the devastating explosion that Beirut was subjected to last Tuesday in the light of a sharp deterioration in various economic, living, and financial conditions.

The local and municipal agencies removed the remnant of the violent clashes that took place yesterday, especially in the areas of the Martyrs Square, Riyadh Al-Solh, and the vicinity of Al-Nijmeh Square, where the House of Representatives is located. Shattered glass, debris, wooden obstacles, remnants of rubber tires that had been ignited by the demonstrators, and tear gas and Molotov bombs were removed.

Since early morning, the cleaning teams with the help of large numbers of cleaners, garbage collection vehicles, and lifting machines for the heavy wreckage, which was burned yesterday, taking advantage of the fact that today is the official weekend, as well as the streets, are free of protesters gatherings and the traffic condition is quite.

On the other hand, a number of civil societies started initiatives to help families affected by the devastating explosion that befell Beirut; inpiduals were seen in separate areas of the capital setting up large umbrellas and tents carrying food, medicine, medical supplies, and aid to provide them to the citizens affected by the explosion in Beirut's seaport.

It seemed noticeable that a large number of Lebanese citizens flocked to the "aid centers" established by these associations and civil institutions in a number of squares to obtain the aid and assistance they provide;  they said that they were severely affected by the explosion, among those whose homes were subjected to total or partial collapse, or those whose properties were damaged, destroyed and burned.

In addition to the many injuries, they and their family members suffered as a result of the explosion and their need for funds to get their essential needs.