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Lady Gaga Throws Insults at Trump during Biden's Rally

Tue 03 Nov 2020 | 06:00 PM
Sara Goda

The Oscar winning actress and singer Lady Gaga threw some insults at Donald Trump during Joe Biden’s Pittsburgh rally, Monday night.

Before Gaga’s performance at Joe Biden’s eleventh-hour rally in the state of Pennsylvania, the famous pop start decided to take the Heinz Field, Pittsburgh stage to address and reply to Trump’s unsubstantial anti-fracking bulling statements that were made earlier on Monday.

Gaga encouraged the people of Pennsylvania to stand against the ignorant predator Trump by saying “To all the women and all the men with daughters and sisters and mothers, everybody, no matter how you identify, now is your chance to vote against Donald Trump, a man who believes that his fame gives him the right to grab one of your daughters or sisters or mothers or wives by any part of their bodies.”

Gaga also spoke about how her family is originally from Pittsburgh, how she lived in Lancaster and how she was engaged to Taylor Kinney who is a Pennsylvanian man. Before ending her speech by saying “Vote for Joe. He’s a good person.” And “Let’s vote Trump out.”

It is worth mentioning that Gaga and Biden worked together back in 2017 when they released a PSA together about sexual assault and domestic violence. It is also noteworthy that Gaga has been an active political influence for years seeing as she campaigned for both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.