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Karim Abdel Aziz Celebrates His 46th Birthday

Wed 18 Aug 2021 | 03:51 PM
Ahmed Emam

The renowned actor Karim Abdel Aziz is celebrating his birthday today, and wishes are pouring from all around.

Aziz is one of the finest actors that the Egyptian and Arab film industry could ever have, turned 46 on Wednesday.

One of the most acclaimed actors of his generation, Aziz is known for his wide range of roles across blockbusters, patriotic films, and on the stage.

Moreover, he is well known for his seminal works, such as Intabeho 'Ayoha Alsada', The Blue Elephant, 'Haramiyya Fi Thailand', 'Haramiyya Fi KG2', and 'El Pasha Telmiz'.

His Last breakthrough role was as an Egyptian intelligence agent in the action TV series’ ‘Elkhtyar’ (Choise 2021).

On Aziz’s birthday, let’s take a look at the three box office hits that earned him a chair among the A-listers.

The Blue Elephant:

The movie revolves around a psychiatrist Dr. Yehia Rashed ((Aziz), who tries to unravel the many mysteries surrounding his friend. Dr. Yehia gets sucked into a sea of hallucinations, magic spells, numbers, and demons, swirling around a tattoo parlor and a blue pill that bears the print of a six-legged elephant.

For the psychiatrist, the secrets behind the pill The Blue Elephant helped him enter the gateway of another world to uncover the demonic sources behind Sherif's crime.

The film’s remarkable success made Aziz and Neli Karim join hands for sequels, and the film was also introduced in several languages. This is one of the best entertaining cop dramas in Egyptian cinema, and the film reportedly grossed close to  100,00000 L.E at the box office.

Awlad Elam:

Awlad Elam is one of Aziz's best films, and it marked his first collaboration with a famous director Sherif Arafa. The action-thriller is intriguing, and it made the audience revisit the film in theaters multiple times. The film was the only blockbuster of the year 2010, and Aziz started getting a massive fan following.

The significant events revolve around a military intelligence officer who is hunting down an Israeli spy. The national movie shows the country's efforts to combat and vanish external threats and shows the barriers they face during their special and rescue missions.