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Jordan’s Royal Family Gathers at Iftar

Sun 26 May 2019 | 06:30 AM
Hassan El-Khawaga

King of Jordan Abdullah II and his family published iftar banquet photos and video on his official Instagram account.

In the video, the king drinks water as the first thing on Maghrib call for prayer.

He is accompanied by Crown Prince Al-Hussein while pouring water in cups, one of them he gave to his younger brother, Prince Hisham, who was standing by his side. Queen Rania says: “The best thing is being together at Iftar.”

In another shot, Princess Salma helps her mother in preparing the dishes before the rest of the family gather together.

The video was taken by a mobile phone, showing the simplicity of the Royal family members, away from formalities.

There were no servants or company during the Iftar. The king and his family dressed casual.


Contributed by Ashraf Ibrahim