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WWE Star Jeff Hardy Trends Social Media, New Updates over Latest Live Incident Revealed

Wed 08 Dec 2021 | 03:37 PM
Rana Atef

WWE Legendary icon Jeff Hardy, the Charismatic Enigma, is still trending on social media after the pro wrestling star's controversial incident on Monday in one of SmackDown's house shows in Texas.

The story began as Hardy was part of a six-man-tag-team match between Hardy, Drew McIntyre, and Xavier Woods against The Bloodline. Hardy made a hot tag to McIntyre, before going to the audience area; he jumped among the crowds followed by security. In addition, the star didn't return to the ring for celebrating the victory with his team.

PWI was the first sports platform that reported the shocking news before the reports were confirmed by the WWE.

Since yesterday, WWE Universe, and all pro wrestling fans questioned any updates about Hardy's condition, or his health, in addition, hundreds of fans linked his latest behaviors to his history with alcoholism and drug addiction. Therefore, Hardy's fans urged people to stop accusing him before the release of any explanations or truths.

Finally, a new update was given by the prestigious TCF platform on Tuesday about Hardy's condition during the match. It posted on Twitter: "Jeff Hardy was ill from the type of food he had on the local show. The WWE management asked him to go home to rest."

After the news of the 44-year-old-superstar's incident, various fans posted some videos for Hardy during his arena entrance that depicted that the performer was not fully alright. Some fans tweeted that Hardy held his stomach several times during the match, and he may tag McIntyre due to feeling unwell.

The absence of any confirmed news after Hardy's incident led hundreds of fans to storm AEW Star Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy's older blood brother and long-time tag team partner, Twitter and Twitch platforms asking for the younger Hardy's health.

The AEW icon expressed: "I did speak to Jeff for a little bit today. He's okay. He's good. I think he'll be fine. once again, this isn't my business. If he wants to go into it with more detail, he'll do it himself. Jeff is okay. He is at home and okay. It's not my business or story to tell or explain. Besides that, it's not my story to tell because it's not my perspective. I love my brother and I want him to be okay and healthy."

In the same context, the former WWE star Bubba Ray Duddley, one-half of the legendary tag team Duddley Boyz, said that he wishes that Jeff Hardy is ok, and he is trouble-free.

Hardy has been pulled out from all WWE house shows and was replaced by Rey Mysterio, however, there are no updates given about Hardy's announced match for the upcoming WWE SmackDown on Fox on December 11.