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Jeff Hardy Reveals WWE Exist, HOF Spot Rejection Motives

Fri 18 Mar 2022 | 07:58 PM
Rana Atef

Jeff Hardy finally shares the details of his controversial WWE release, and his rejection of the Hall of Fame induction. His statements came during his appearance at the latest The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy episode, streamed on Friday.

In December 2021, Hardy was part of six-man-tag-team match with Drew McIntyre and Xavier Wood against the Bloodline that consists of the Universal Champion Roman Reigns and the Smackdown Tag team champions the Usos, in a house show in San Antonio, Texas.

The 44-year stepped away from the match, made his way to existing the venue from the crowds section which led the WWE to believe that Hardy may back to addiction once again, ending up with releasing the superstar two days after the incident.

Hardy commented: "That night in Edinburg, Texas, I finished my heat, I took the heat, and I said, 'I'm ready to go.' Went over the rail, disappeared into the crowd. Naturally, they think I took something like drugs or whatever, but I didn't. If I was that bad, I should have never went out there, that's the way I see it. I thought, 'Just another unpredictable thing I can do and I'll get away with it.' It was more serious than that."

After that, he compared the difference between his final days at the WWE and his debut day at the AEW, saying: " first day in AEW, I felt valuable for the first time. The care and love I was shown, I got chills thinking about it. In WWE, it felt like they just wanted to keep me there to sell action figures."

Last week, Jeff Hardy made his AEW debut by saving his brother from the beat down by his AHFO companions.

The Hardy Brothers reunited as a tag team on the TV for the first time in four years last Wednesday.