Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

 Japan Evacuates Residents from Southern Regions after Sakurajima Volcano Erupts

Mon 25 Jul 2022 | 06:43 PM
Ahmed Moamar

The Japanese authorities have called for the evacuation of areas in the south of the country due to the eruptions of the devastating Sakurajima volcano and the rising smoke plumes.

The local municipalities reported that there has been no damage yet.

A senior official told reporters that Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has directed the government to "work in close cooperation with local municipalities in threatened areas to ensure damage is avoided, including through evacuations.

The volcano often emits hot smoke and ash and is considered a tourist attraction that attracts tourists.

And yesterday, Sunday,  the volcano began to send thick clouds of ash that extended for about 2.5 km from the crater, according to the   Meteorological Agency, while the height of the smoke reached 300 meters and mixed with the clouds.