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Italy FM: Full NATO Member at War with Russia 'Means World War III",

Sun 18 Feb 2024 | 02:33 PM
Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani
Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani
Rana Atef

On Saturday, Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani addressed the future of NATO and EU membership for Ukraine.

Antonio said during his participation in the Munich Security Conference that Ukraine will become a member of the European Union but after the end of its war with Russia. 

He added that Ukraine can't enter the military alliance while it is still at war with Russia.

Tajani said: "The message to Russia is very clear: Ukraine will be a member of the European Union, and then we are working to have Ukraine as a member of NATO."

The Italian official asserted "We need to be very prudent", because having a full NATO member at war with Russia "means World War III."

Last week, the US Ambassador to NATO, Julianne Smith, said that she didn't expect that NATO wouldn't grant the alliance membership to Ukraine in the upcoming NATO summit in July.

Smith said: "As for the summit this summer, I do not expect the alliance to issue an invitation at this juncture."

Her statements came during a call with journalists ahead of a NATO defense ministers' meeting.

Ukraine is still seeking to capture the defense alliance membership as its war with Russia is still ongoing.