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Italian Ambassador to Egypt Visits 10th of Ramadan Vocational Training Centre

Wed 07 Feb 2024 | 08:04 PM
Italian Ambassador to Egypt
Italian Ambassador to Egypt
Nada Mustafa

The Technical and Vocational Training Centre in the 10th of Ramadan, affiliated with the Productivity and Vocational Training Department and the Ministry of Trade and Industry, welcomed Monday, 5th of February, a prominent delegation encompassing the Italian ambassador in Egypt Michele Quaroni. The ambassador was accompanied by Dr La Roccia Maria Michela (Head of the Economic Section), Minister Counsellor Vacanti Perco Pietro, Martino Melli (Head of AICS in Egypt), Prof. Annalisa Wagner (School Governor), Dr Nicola Tucci representing MEPEP Programme and General Khaled Abu Mandour (Head of the PVTD).

The tour aimed to inspect the renovation and the development of Works and Refurbishment and to get acquainted with ongoing developments with the construction of the Centre.

The renovations and construction at the 10th of Ramadan Training Centre are one project in the framework of the Multi-Educational Programme for Employment Promotion in Migration-Affected Areas (MEPEP), implemented by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) to enhance Technical and Vocational Education and Training system in Egypt.

The delegation commenced the visit with a tour of the training Centre, viewing the updates in classrooms, laboratories, and workshops. They were also introduced to the ongoing construction of the fourth building, which will provide extra space for classrooms, laboratories, and workshops. The new building Sharkeya`s Eco-friendly Resilient Educational Area (SERENA) is expected to be a unique, eco-friendly, resilient building designed with sustainability to set new standards for the newly constructed Vocational Training Centers.

At the end of the tour, the Italian ambassador praised the remarkable effort and swift development in all stages of the programme.