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Israel Arrests 42 Palestinians, Reinforces Forces in West Bank

Sun 29 Jan 2023 | 12:17 AM
Israeli forces arrest a Palestinian citizin
Israeli forces arrest a Palestinian citizin
Ahmed Moamar

The Israeli police announced, on Saturday, that it had arrested 42 people, following a shooting that left seven people dead in front of a synagogue in East Jerusalem.

The detainees included members of the family of the Palestinian shooter, and a number of residents of his neighborhood in East Jerusalem, which Israel occupied and annexed.

In the same context, the Israeli army announced today that it is strengthening its forces in the occupied West Bank. The army said that after assessing the situation, it was decided to reinforce the occupation division (in the West Bank) with an additional battalion.

The Jerusalem operation came in the wake of a bloody operation of the Israeli army in the occupied West Bank, during which nine Palestinians were killed in the Jenin camp.