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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Jewish Extremists Clash with Israeli Police in Jerusalem over "Halal" Internet

Sat 17 Dec 2022 | 08:33 PM
Ahmed Moamar

For the sixth day in a row, hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Jews demonstrated in West Jerusalem; in protest against the arrest of a young man from their ranks who was accused of setting fire to a mobile phone shop.

The fanatic Jews threw stones at police forces and set fire to waste containers, which rolled towards a religious Jewish woman who was passing by and seriously injured her. These events came within the framework of the battle waged by these religious people against the government’s decision to ban the sale of so-called “halal" mobile phones.”

In recent years, religious leaders have been trying to prevent their followers from using the Internet on mobile phones.

The Israeli

government, led by Yair Lapid, considered this process "a false puritanism that has commercial goals and has nothing to do with the provisions of religion and Jewish law."

The government decided to protect the shops that sell free mobile phones, which contain Internet services.