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ISIS Claims Responsibility for Uganda Blast that Killed 6, Injured Dozens

Wed 17 Nov 2021 | 09:58 AM
Omnia Ahmed

ISIS claimed responsibility for the Ugandan blast that left six people dead and wounded dozens on Tuesday.

Three suicide bombers set off two powerful explosions in the center of Uganda’s capital during rush hour, spreading terror in the nation.

Police earlier blamed the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), an armed group active in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Later on, ISIS claimed responsibility via the group's Amaq News Agency on an affiliated Telegram account. The nicknames of the three attackers indicated all were Ugandan.


Police spokesperson Fred Enanga mentioned that the death toll including the three bombers was six. A diplomat told Reuters two police officers were killed.

Enanga added that 33 people were being treated in hospital, including five in critical condition.

Police said intelligence indicated the Islamic State-aligned Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) were responsible.

"Our intelligence...indicates that these are domestic terror groups that are linked to ADF," Enanga said.

The explosions were three minutes apart; the first near the central police station and two very close to parliament. They sent MPs and office workers rushing for cover over shreds of broken glass as a plume of white smoke rose above downtown.

Enanga revealed that a suicide bomber wearing a backpack detonated near the checkpoint at the police station, killing two, while the second attack, involving two suicide bombers on motorbikes, killed one person.

"A booming sound like that from a big gun went off. The ground shook, my ears nearly went deaf," said Peter Olupot, a 28-year-old bank guard close to parliament. "I saw a vehicle on fire and everyone was running and panicking. I saw a boda boda (motorcycle) man - his head was smashed."