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Is Final Deletion Developed 'Hardy Show' Matt vs Jeff Content?

Fri 25 Mar 2022 | 11:24 AM
Rana Atef

Three weeks ago, Matt Hardy started documenting his Broken Universe events and insiders in his “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” with Jon Alba. Three episodes have been streamed from the six-episode "Becoming Broken.”

Tonight's episode will be about the match that redefined the concepts of the cinematic matches, and the storytelling techniques and foregrounding the plot of the match paved the way for the iconic cinematic matches that streamed during the pandemic, The Final Deletion (2016).

This series of articles aims to pe into the aftermath of the Final Deletion to the Pro Wrestling cinematic matches industry, and how it inspired a wide range of productions.

In addition, it targets enriching the ongoing documentation action led by Matt Hardy, and Jon Alba by giving the "Extreme Life of Matt Hardy," another addition from the perspective of Pro Wrestling observes in the Middle East, and North Africa.

"The Final Deletion" could not only be influenced by the previous few cinematic matches experiences but also was influenced by the Hardys themselves. 

To explain more, there is no doubt that the Hardy Boyz are always popular athletes, and they are part of the memories of different generations.

However, the Broken Universe series introduced the Hardy Boys to a different category of audience and fans who may not be big fans of Pro Wrestling and are more interested in social media staff, so the Broken Universe gave them a kind of content they can enjoy.

Matt Hardy said that he was influenced by a wide range of supernatural stories and works which really helped in attracting a totally new fan base for the Team X-treme, and opened the door of laying more unforgettable chants such as "Obsolete," and "Delete" to be added to the audience-classical chants "Hell Yeah," and "This is Awesome."

Therefore, only great Hardys fans will remember the underrated, and forgotten "The Hardy Show."

"The Hardy Show"

"The Hardy Show" is an online series produced, written, and performed by Matt and Jeff Hardy, alongside Shannon Moore and a group of friends. The first season of the show was released in 2005, according to IMDB.

In fact, it was the earliest reality show introduced by professional wrestling which is something Matt Hardy should be praised for. It also could be an earlier format of today's Young Bucks' "Being the Elite."

The two brothers produced various content in their "The Hardy Show." Some of them carried real-life stories and situations such as "The Hardy Compound," "The Champions," and "The Parents," while others were scripted in certain stories and took the style of supernatural and gothic elemental stuff such as The Y- Light Zone.

But in terms of the influences that appeared in "The Final Deletion," four The Hardy Show episodes should be mentioned: "The Fight: Matt vs Jeff," "The Rematch," "The War," and "Burning V1," so this article is reviewing similar shots between "The Hardy Show" episodes, and "The Final Deletion."

Jeff, the Landscaper

Back to the beginning of "The Final Deletion," the segment opened by Matt Hardy having a birthday celebration for his son, King Maxell, with his wife, Queen Rebecca. The shot was taken inside the house, and there is intimacy there before the scene moved to the Imagi-nation which is Jeff Hardy's place in the compound.

The younger brother was depicted while having a landscape work which is a true story that was featured before in one of The Hardy Show episodes entitled "A Hard Day's Work." Jeff Hardy worked in landscaping during his teenage years.

The Earliest Scene between Matt & Jeff

Next, when the scene moved to Jeff Hardy's house, and received a message from Matt by the drone, it rang bells with the first scene between Matt and Jeff at The Fight episode (2005).

Match Stipulation

In the first image, Jeff Hardy was telling Matt about setting a match for the name of their reality show. If Matt wins, the name of the show will remain The Matt Hardy Show. If he loses, the show will be turned into The Hardy Show.

This rule could be so close to the stipulation made for the Final Deletion as if Jeff loses, Matt will engage him to his Broken Universe, and will delete his presence to be "Brother Nero."

Ironically, both segments depicted a focus on their faces while hearing the rules of the match.

In the Hardy Compound, Colors & Music

As "The Hardy Show" is considered is a reality show, so, the whole events took place inside the Hardy Compound with all its different spots: the famous signs, the lake, the highway nearby the compound, the motorcycle race of Jeff, the linking forest area between Matt and Jeff's houses, and Matt's house itself.

However, the difference between both segments that "The Fight" episode was based on entertainment, so there was a different use of colors, cinematic-like blurry images, and primitive camera filters, in addition to using some sound effects and extreme soundtracks to be closer to the mood of the video games. Those techniques were reflected more in "The Rematch."

On the other hand, the mood of "The Final Deletion" was more darkened and gothic, there were mysterious souls and secrets represented by the Broken Matt Gimmick. So, the used sounds like the violins and pianos were perfectly creating the real sounds of brokenness and fall, and the harmony between black, red, dark yellow shades implied the essence of "The Final Deletion."

The Referee & Promos

As "The Fight" and "The Rematch" were not related to any Pro-Wrestling promotions and the Hardy Boyz were who set the rules, the Hardys' friends took the responsibilities of the match referee, for example, Shannon Moore was the referee of "The Rematch."

On the other hand, "The Final Deletion" was part of Impact Wrestling's official competitions, therefore, there was an official referee at the match.

Regarding the promos, "The Final Deletion" was cut for airing a promo for Impact Wrestling regarding the dates of the episodes. While, in "The Hardy Show," Shannon Moore cut the fight for telling the fans that "The Hardy Show" became available in HD format.

The Fireworks

The usage of the fireworks was one of the best segments in "The Final Deletion," but the Hardy Boyz used the segments of the fireworks before in "Us vs Them: the War" which is an episode of "The Hardy Show" where Matt, Jeff, and Shannon's friends beat them, tided them, and stole the show. In addition, they used them in the "Burning V1" episode.

"The War" could be a light and early exposition for the gothic, and horror-developed segment of "The Final Deletion II: The Hardyz vs Decay."

Burning Brother's Signatures

In the "Burning V1" episode, Matt and Jeff set the fire to a model made by Jeff for Matt's famous hand signature and gimmick "V1." Both brothers kept gazing and staring at the fire and having a wonderful shot for it.

On the other hand, "The Final Deletion" ended with Matt standing after beating Jeff by setting the fire in his "J" symbol, declaring the end of Jeff Hardy, and the rise of Brother Nero.

Family Appearances

During "The Fight" episode, Matt and Jeff Hardy's father have a short appearance during the episodes and had a short comment on the match's stipulation. On the other hand, Matt Hardy's wife, Reby, son, Maxel, and father-in-low, Benjamin had appearances during "The Final Deletion."

Furthermore, in the middle of "The Rematch" episode, the three stars: Matt, Jeff, Shannon, were spotted sitting together for lunch, it was a table of three, the same scene spotted in "The Final Deletion" between Matt, Reby, and Maxel.

The Sunset & The Dawn

"Burning V1" episode was closed by an emotional and sweetheart moment which was both brothers watching the sunset together which depicted how much there are strong ties between Matt and Jeff as brothers.

Regarding "The Final Deletion," it ended by the earliest rays of the dawn, remarking the birth of a new phase in Broken Matt Hardy Universe.

In a nutshell, the Hardy Boyz paid several tributes to their pro-wrestling career, backyard wrestling federation, hometown, and all their legacy in the world of entertainment by their The Final Deletion.

Part II, The Aftermath of the Final Deletion in the Pro-Wrestling world