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Is Emy Salim Amr Diab's New Partner?

Sun 29 Nov 2020 | 01:25 AM
Rana Atef

A few days ago, a number of Amr Diab and Emy Salim's photos went viral. The photos were accompanied by questions about Salim's relationship with Diab.

These rumors were commonly spread especially after Diab and Sheribeny's possible breakup.

Until this moment, Salim didn't comment on the photos or the rumors, in addition, she switched her phone off according to El Watan News.

Salim and Diab

Surprisingly, Salim's account introduced the truth of the trending photos of Salim and Diab.

All those photos were previously posted on Salim's Instagram since 2018. One of the photos depicted El Sherbiny, Diab, and Salim.

Salim, Diab

Regarding the video, it was posted on Diab's birthday and Salim aimed to send him a birthday wish.

Last week, many reports showed an ongoing dispute between the celebrated Egyptian icon Diab and his partner actress El Sherbiny.

The fight started in a prestigious venue where Diab was spending free time with El Sherbiny. Later, the people around were surprised when a fight broke out between the two artists.

El Sherbiny was somehow calm and managed to control herself while Diab’s rage was observed by the people.

Next, it was reported that El Sherbiny apologized to attend a wedding ceremony where Diab performed. On the other hand, Diab didn’t apologize or contact El Sherbiny as some rumors were circulated saying that Diab’s will not contact her.

Moreover, various news expressed that the dispute between both partners is due to a discussion about announcing their marriage officially.

Journalist Ayman Nour El Din reported on Facebook that the couple quarrel began in the 4th edition of the El Gouna Film Festival, which took place last month.

The differences occurred because of the actress’s desire to be in an official marriage and got jealous when she found many actresses getting married in front of everyone in the past months.

The journalist noted that El Sherbiny demanded equality with Yasmine Sabri, Reham Hagag, and lastly Dorra as she is no less than any other actress in getting an official marriage and possibly having children in the future.