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Iranian Official Arrested over Dancing Video

Thu 24 Dec 2020 | 09:10 PM
Rana Atef

On Thursday, a video of an Iranian official dancing in his office went viral on Twitter. This video was the main reason for sending this official to prison after firing him.

This official is called Reda Taibi and he is Public Relation officer responsible for Hormozgan Province's post office.

Tavaana Center of Human Rights expressed that Taibi's dance at the post office cost him his job; it was the main reason for sending him to prison.

In the same context, Abdullah Abdelli, the manager of the post company where Taibi worked, explained that Taibi was fired due to his improper behaviors at the work's place. His actions are against the work laws.

It is worthy to mention that Iranian laws don't prevent any acts of dances, but it sets various rules for dealing inside the work place.