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Iran Arrests Spies Linked to Foreign Intelligence Services

Mon 13 Jul 2020 | 08:31 PM
Ahmed Moamar

The head of the Islamic Revolution Court in Kerman Province, in southern part Iran, Ahmed Qurbani, has announced the arrest of " networks of spies linked to foreign intelligence services and opposition groups."

On Monday, Qurbani said, "A number of members of the anti-revolutionary groups in the governorate have been arrested, appeared before the Islamic Revolution Court and sentenced."

He pointed out that "the Revolutionary Court in the governorate has decided on a number of other security files as well and issued its rulings, including the file of criminals, Ahmed Yousfi and Arya Jawidan, because they carried out kidnappings in the south of the governorate, which has destabilized the region and impeded the achievement of economic development in it."

On the other hand, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said today, Monday, that if any entity or a state involved in the Natanz incident, Iran's response would be decisive and will prove that "a time of strike and smuggling is over.

Abbas Mousavi, spokesman for the Iranian ministry, added that the Natanz accident did not hinder Iran's nuclear program.

He noted that the explosion occurred in an external unit that manufactures some equipment, while the nuclear activities at the Natanz plant are underground, and we are working to rebuild the unit and replace it."

Mousavi revealed that the Iranian National Security Council and the Iranian Atomic Energy Commission will announce the results of investigations into the Natanz incident after it is fully finished.

He confirmed that Iran had nothing to do with the American military ship explosion in San Diego.

Earlier this month, the Iranian Atomic Energy Agency announced that the accident, which occurred in the Natanz uranium enrichment facility, took place in a unit for the production of centrifuges of the advanced generation, and damaged fine equipment.

Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabei also announced that his country would respond appropriately in the event that the sabotage of the Natanz nuclear site was caused by an external attack or procedure.