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Instant Personal Development from a Distance, Op-ed

Thu 24 Dec 2020 | 11:12 AM
By Dr. Hadi Eltonsi, Retired Ambassador and Medical Doctor

Can you believe that you can now reach the highest levels of maturity, happiness, inner peace, and competence, and be able to work without tension, lead teamwork and resolve crises, in addition to getting rid of negative habits such as obesity, smoking, and insomnia, and to get rid of related psychosomatic symptoms in around three hours without leaving your home or exposing yourself to the dangers of Coronavirus, even if you are residing in another continent!

This is what became possible as an adaptation to the Corona precautions after medical doctor and former ambassador Dr. Hadi Eltonsi developed the life-changing immediate healing for the personality development who holds its intellectual property and is published as a research paper in a British Journal of Psychology and Psychiatry after two rounds of peer review.

So that it can be conducted remotely in addition to using it in the presence of the recipient, and thus expanding the possibility of developing the personality to other continents without the necessity of travel, and where it was possible to present it to regions that reach California in the west and Sweden in the north overseas and oceans, as the US Air Force has already proven that passion can affect DNA, and thus body chemistry, across hundreds of miles through an invisible field in which energy, thoughts, and feelings are transmitted.

In contrast to the lengthy dialogue session for two hours in presence with an agreement to analyze the personality of the recipient, his demands, complaints, and goals in what is known as cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, the same session can be conducted by video using free calls applications, and the agreed-upon result of the dialogue can be implanted onto the unconscious mind through silent hypnosis and imagination, impersonation, transfer of energy and telepathy, overwhelming him with thoughts, emotions, fantasies, attitudes, motives, and goals.

And the recipient wakes up, as usual, to enjoy a new, compatible, permanent harmonious state for his body, mind, and soul that he also discovers through his days and follow-up that it is in accordance with the agreement. Remote implanting is performed during the recipient’s sleep hours, with his consent, to ensure that he is in a deep sleep, which increases the effectiveness of development or remote treatment, which has recently increased in physical presence until reaching 92% success rate.

Since the discovery of the immediate development of the personality as part of the immediate healing for Personality Development began in 1997 and then its development through about nine hundred cases it has been shown at 7 scientific conferences in Europe recognizing it as exceptional and worthy, in addition to 18 seminars, 18 television interviews, 6 radio, and two American films, one of which won about the innovator In the 2017 Gala Venice International Festival and the third Egyptian, entitled Doctor of Happiness, directed by Sherif Gaber Salem.

In the film, the author brought together the merging of psychiatry, psychology, complementary medicine, parapsychology, human development, energy, mental control, yoga practices, and self-psychological development, so that it is considered an addition not a substitute for the mentioned sciences to treat those who wish between 12 years and the elderly, but it does not treat patients with psychosis, addiction, and children, so it can be used alone in home or clinic or within a treatment team in educational or medical or complementary or training centers to prepare leaders in companies and institutions and tourist installations or hospital clinics, so you can imagine what a neurotic would feel if he shortened the period of drug treatment in one session without complications.

Some important personalities want to avoid losing their interests and relationships with a treatment that lasts for years, and you can imagine that there are wealthy people who are unhappy and that in 3 hours they can change their lives exactly as indicated above, with the satisfaction of getting rid of obesity, smoking, and insomnia.

And since Egypt holds innovation competitions and before other international bodies seize it, and as it seeks to develop its scientific and medical position internationally, and because it works to develop tourism, why does the Ministry of Health not care about adopting this unique treatment? And is it possible to imagine the gain of using it in a hospital center of excellence that attracts famous businessmen, art, public figures, and leaders without the necessity to travel and go to clinics to recover from a mental illness immediately or to reach the highest states of maturity, happiness, effectiveness, and creativity? And what can that add to the reputation of Egypt medically, in tourism, and internationally?

Stay safe at home, and mature your personality while you sleep.

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