Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Instagram Expands Short-post Feature 'Notes' in Europe, Japan

Wed 01 Feb 2023 | 05:52 PM
Omnia Ahmed

Instagram scaled up its 'Notes' feature across Europe and Japan, Head Adam Mosseri announced.

Mosseri highlighted that many users "complained about not having access yet to the feature."

He noted: "Sometimes when we launch a new feature, we launch it only to a small percentage of people, or just to a specific country."

"In the case of Notes, we launch something everywhere we can but have to hold back in a few countries if there's more work to do."

The official also indicated that the feature "has done really well" in Asia, North America, and Latin America and "specifically with teens."

The Notes are short posts of up to 60 characters using just text and emojis.

In January, Instagram announced the “quiet mode” feature that aims to help users focus and create boundaries with friends and followers.

When users enable the option, all notifications will be paused and the profile’s activity status will change to ‘In quiet mode.”

If someone sends a direct message during this time, Instagram will automatically send an auto-reply notifying the sender that “quiet mode” is activated.

The tool applies to all users but Instagram appears to be focusing on teens.