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Inaugural greeting: Ex. Ambassador Dr.Hadi Eltonsi, as Chief of Welfare and Medicine Council of ELFO

Sun 11 Jun 2023 | 10:54 AM
Dr. Hadi Eltonsi, Former Ambassador and Free Lance Medical Doctor
Dr. Hadi Eltonsi, Former Ambassador and Free Lance Medical Doctor
By Dr.Hadi Eltonsi

Dear Earth Loving Friendly Organization ELFO President Hon. Prof. Rikio Kaneko, dear distinguished Selected VIP Members, dear ELFO members.

As we all know that to achieve ELFO objectives it gave a remarked importance to the human and psychological aspect; that is why in addition to having councils on several material aspects of life, ELFO has councils on peace, solidarity, human rights,friendship, sports, religion and ethics among others that serve the individual’s interests. A council that works directly on the individual is the Council on Welfare and Medicine that I have the honor to lead, and according to Chapter 19 of the Charter it’s main functions are as follows:

a. to investigate basic situation around interested States and persons regarding their welfare and medicine;

b. to propose to persons concerned measures by which humanitarian conditions regarding welfare and medicine would proliferate.

c. to collaborate with the persons interested in welfare and medicine for the purpose of international trainings, volunteer activities and other international cooperation.

Distinguished ELFO President and members

We are living an age of digitalization to help the individual use time best to face the increasing demands of daily life and even Covid 19 pandemic ،

But to do this in a way to achieve ELFO objectives

It will be easier when we raise the quality of the individual and hence his family, society and world at large. That is why I was also pleased when President Rikio Kaneko thru Linked In honored me with his choice and brilliant idea that my main work in the council would be to explain my profession; which in alignment to digitalized world is “instant personality development from a distance” to produce immediate leadership mindset anywhere on earth in just 3 hours.

The long one time session is composed of two hours dialogue thru free video call applications to agree with the client on common analysis and objectives and an hour during their sleeping hours to imprint telepathically and with energy transfer what was agreed onto the unconscious which is more than 90% of the mind with immediate permanent effect that will also have positive effects on overall health and life.

The method will result in an individual achieving the highest possible level of maturity , happiness, efficiency and inner peace; individual who can best develop our planet peacefully with love, be a good example; a productive creative leader able of team work and troubleshooting, spreading peaceful relations to his family, community and hence worldwide. So you can imagine the effect on any institution if the interested managers have this mentality , on its production quality and quantity wise and work climate, and moreover if spread to countries and peoples worldwide. Of course I can do this in one to one session, but to have its global effect we need to train psychotherapists on the dialogue part which is basically an elongated session of cognitive behavioral psychotherapy and to choose interested specialists performing energy work and using extrasensory talents to be trained on the second part. And for this to happen I need the support of the ELFO members to urge and encourage ,in their capacities and with their contacts, competent authorities in their respective countries to test, adopt and spread this life transforming scientific revolution for the sake of science and mankind. This painless, non medicinal, non intrusive energy work without complications in addition to institutions and leader formation centers can be used also in spas and excellence centers for VIP and tourists for example. It is considered energy work needing no license as I was told by several countries health ministries.

Dear ELFO members

I was graduated in Egypt as a medical doctor, trained in psychotherapy, energy work, hypnosis and life coaching also thru my diplomatic career since I joined it, worked in Lisbon, Panama, Bolivia, Moscow till I retired after serving as an Egyptian Ambassador to Guatemala, Honduras and Namibia in addition to working in the headquarter in geographic departments, deputy chief of Protocol and director of international conferences departments.

This medical and diplomatic exposure, with tourism to the Americas , Asia and Africa had an enriching effect on my view to life as a journey to maturate the soul and educated me to love and accept humans worldwide and to find pleasure in serving and pleasing. After retirement the first scientific step was to get patent in Egypt on Immediate Healing for Personality Development that in addition to the energy work of instant leader mindset from distance included also in same session treatment of neurotic, psychosomatic disorders in addition to obesity, smoking addiction and insomnia . Then same healing was published in a specialized British psychology and psychiatry magazine as a research article; meaning a proven discovery after two blind folded peer reviews. And Lately with its online application as a chapter in a text book of an international publishing house specialized in publishing best discoveries worldwide.

Thru the years same discovery was explained in several international scientific conferences,seminars, cinema films, tv and radio interviews and applied with great success on more than 900 cases.

Distinguished ELFO President and Members

I feel grateful for this gift bestowed onto me and for the results on clients life, but this gift is not merely given to serve lucky few hundreds and individual gain, rather it is the birth right for every person on earth to live up to the best use of their talents , to happily and peacefully develop their countries and earth lovingly, to spread love and peace on earth while having quality and mature life and personality, to have friendship and solidarity with followers of all religions based on ethics and human rights; that is why I appeal to all of you to spread and use this science and knowledge in alignment to ELFO goals.

Thank you for the trust you have placed in me by proposing for the position as Chief of Welfare and Medicine Council

Hadi Eltonsi

Former Ambassador

Free Lance Medical Doctor

October 22nd, 2021