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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

In Historic Precedent, New York Jury Charges Trump

Fri 31 Mar 2023 | 08:23 PM
Ahmed Moamar

In a historic precedent, the New York jury indicted former US President Donald Trump, in the case of pornographic actress Stormy Daniels, thus becoming the first US president to be charged with criminal charges in US history.

Trump had expected charges to be brought against him in a post on his "Truth Social" platform, in which he attacked Democratic Manhattan Attorney General Alvin Bragg, for what he described as "the politicization of his file."

Details of the charges against Trump are still not public, pending their official disclosure in the coming days.

The 23-member jury heard the testimonies of several defense and prosecution witnesses, most notably Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen, who is the primary prosecution witness.

The former president and his lawyer have been informed of the content of the charges leveled in the indictment, and it is expected that a negotiating track will begin to determine how Trump will come to New York from Florida and turn himself in, and appear in the preliminary trial session there.

It is unlikely that the former president’s hands will be handcuffed, unlike the other defendants, out of respect for his position.

But he will sit in a waiting room in court before appearing before the judge, who will then publicly read the charges against him, and set his release on financial bail pending the date of the trial.