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During Happiness International Day..Nutrition’s Delight Secrets

Wed 20 Mar 2019 | 12:53 PM
Salma Yassin

By Salma Yassin

CAIRO, March 20 (SEE)- In 2019 international day of happiness, Dr. Ahmed Al-Ghoury, nutrition consultant reviews to (SEE) some nutrition’s secrets that work as natural antidepressants for adults and kids.

Al-Ghoury said that scientifically there are some food contain high percentage of “Serotonin” element; known as happiness hormone because of its magical effects on enhancing mood.

He added that this element doesn’t only affect mood but overall physical health, as people who are psychologically comfortable are quite away from digestive system problems, high pressure, diabetes besides having good immunity.

“Plenty of Serotonin exist in high protein food like chicken, meat and liver,” he clarified.

Regarding fruits and vegetables, Al-Ghoury demonstrated that banana, pineapple, kiwi, carrot, spinach are also rich in this element.

[caption id="attachment_41725" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Small pieces of kiwi and banana[/caption]

In the same context, he stated that food rich in omega-3 are very important sources of happiness like eggs, tuna and salmon.

“Other main food that people should eat sparingly to have better psychological state and avoid gaining much weight are dark chocolate and nuts,” he stressed.

Regarding herbs, the nutrition consultant said drinking chamomile anise and mint after being boiled in water helps a lot in relaxation and stress elimination.

[caption id="attachment_41726" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Anise[/caption]

Al-Ghoury also advised people to reduce coffee drinking as caffeine stimulates nervous system and boost tension feeling in addition to causing insomnia and sleep disorders.

He added that these food elements shouldn’t be limited to adults but also kids to be relaxed and kept away from nervousness and hyper activities.

It’s worth mentioning that International day of happiness is celebrated world-wide on 20th of March every year and it was first set by United Nations (UN) in 2013.

The reason of considering a day for happiness is urging governments everywhere to take into consideration people’s welfare and happiness while developing policies.