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In Depth: Jeff Hardy's AEW Debut, Hardy Boyz Reunion Trend Worldwide

Thu 10 Mar 2022 | 11:24 AM
Rana Atef

Two Hours ago, a highly-anticipated dream moments for all Pro Wrestling fans have come true as the Charismatic Enigma Jeff Hardy debuted into All Elite Wrestling (AEW) promotion, and to reunite with his 30-year-tag team partner, and older brother Matt Hardy for the first time in four years. The emotional reunion between the two brothers has attracted all pro wrestling worldwide to make those historical moments.

Before tonight's AEW Dynamite episode, it was expected that Hardy will appear and join his older brother once again after the end of the 90-day-non-compete-clause of his WWE release.

Hardy AEW Debut has surpassed 250K in less than two hours, and gathered a number of scattered +500Ks view on different Twitter accounts in less than one hour.

In addition, it was selected as number one wrestling moment by the fans and won all the imposed polls in less than 2 hours.

Matt Hardy previously discussed in various occasions that he wishes to hang-up-his-boots at the AEW and beside his younger brother as a tag team like the couple have started their career in early 1990s.

Jeff Hardy's Debut Segment

The segment of Jeff's appearance based on a long-teased scenario between Matt, and his AEW company, AHFO, as due to the continues loses in matches, Andrade who controls 51% of the company's shares decided to fire his partner, and attack him fiercely.

Shortly, the Icon Sting, and Darby Allin stepped into the ring to defend Matt against the AHFO members. A few seconds later, the remarkable "Loaded" theme filled the air, and Jeff appeared to defend his brother. The couple did their historical and popular double signature: Matt's Twist of Fate, and Jeff's Swanton Bomb.

After the performance, Matt hugged his younger brother tightly, and broke in tears in an emotional family moment between the brothers.

During the tapping of AEW Rampage, a new entrance video for the Hardys was played in the arena, and the team showed up in their classic gear for greeting the crowds.

Segment Analysis

The reunion of the one of the biggest and greatest tag team in the history of professional wrestling with their popular and historical "Loaded" theme is absolutely great success for AEW, and its chairman Tony Khan. Jeff's presence would enrich the roaster of the promotion on both levels: singularly, and tag teams.

Fans are expecting a number of one-on-one contests for Jeff against several competitors. One of them is Darby Allin whose face expressions of witnessing his idol standing in one ring with him were amazing, beside, the presence of Sting, Hardyz, and Allin reflects the policy of the AEW of respecting the experienced veteran, the experienced active athletes, and the young impressive talents, three different generations were symbolized in the four stars.

Next point is the build of the segment itself. In 2009, there was a feud between the younger Hardy, and CM Punk at the WWE. In one of the segments, Jeff was attacked badly by Punk, and Matt rescued Jeff, naming a new reunion between the brothers at SmackDown as they were also in a feud since the beginning of the 2009 and had three matches against each other.

This episode was followed by a final Hardy Boyz reunion for a final tag team match with John Morrison against Punk and the Heart Dynasty. After the match both brothers had another emotional interaction between each other as it is widely known that Matt Hardy always shows his emotions as a big brother in the ring as much as in personal life.

The exchanged glances between both brothers carried a lot of symbols for their mutual career together, as Matt's waving with the Hardy Guns signature is a recall for Jeff to do his Swanton Bomb, they did the same as good old days.

It was obvious that Matt Hardy would do a significant shift in his character and his outfit reflected that he is no longer "Big Money Matt," but turned to be "real Matt Hardy."

Jeff in his latest appearances in the WWE before he was released was somehow depressed, not interested in being in the ring. He wasn't in his best moods, only real old Hardy Boyz fans can observe how the brothers feel in their best and blackest moments.

The same goes with Matt who somehow could feel that there is a real piece of him was lost, distanced, and detached. Those four years could be the longest period both brothers spent separated away from each other which could leave unpleasant mark inside them both.

Jeff looked during the debut more passionate, healthier, happier, and confident. His colors, passion, blood have been renewed, while Matt felt completely attached to the moment when he finally got his brother back as if he needs him as much as Jeff needs his older brother.

In a nutshell, this moment for all Pro Wrestling fans recall one moment only, when the two brothers reunited for a historical show at Wrestle Mania 33 and got the RAW Tag Team titles. There is no doubt that the Hardyz are still standing on not only the top of 20-feet-ladder, but on the top of entertainment wrestling history.