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Immigration Min. Reviews National Strategy for Egyptian Youth Abroad

Tue 12 Jan 2021 | 06:32 PM
Gehan Aboella

Nabila Makram the Immigration Minister, reviewed the national strategy for Egyptian youth studying abroad, which the ministry is preparing, in cooperation with media expert Noha Al-Nahas the directors board chairman of "30 N degree", to offer strategic advice.

In the framework of partnership with the private sector to achieve sustainable development, which includes deepening communication mechanisms between the ministry and youth Egyptians studying abroad.

On other hand, Makram reported that the national strategy for Egypt's youth studying abroad is one of the most prominent fruits of the “Youth Learners Abroad” initiative, launched by the ministry in the middle of last year. It included 17 visits to national projects and heritage areas, and the efforts made by the state to develop slums and the advancement of the Egyptians level .

The minister reviews the strategy with the youth

The move aims to connect with youth learners abroad with their homeland, and culminated in meeting the Prime Minister Moustafa Madbouly, to inform them of what the Egyptian state is doing, and the importance of providing science and knowledge to participate in building a strong nation on scientific foundations.

The strategy includes linking Egyptian youth abroad and providing opportunities for training and work in addition, the activities launched by the Egyptian youth Ministry abroad. It also included presentation of Egyptian students' links abroad and ways to communicate with them to facilitate the task of new learners.

Its goal is to connect Egyptians to their homeland

Noteworthy, the Ministry will launch the strategy in an integrated manner, as well as various events, visits and activities during the coming period, so that the Egyptian youth studying abroad will be integrated, and benefit from their views and experiences.

Contributed by Ahmed Yasser