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 Hungary's PM: Sanctions policy against  Russia has failed

Sat 23 Jul 2022 | 10:58 PM
Ahmed Moamar


Hungary's Prime Minister (PM) Viktor Orban said on Saturday that the European Union (EU) needed a new strategy on the war in Ukraine because sanctions against Moscow had not worked, Reuters reported.

He added in a speech in Romania that the strategy should be aimed at achieving peace rather than winning the war in Ukraine.

He warned that the current policies threaten the whole of the European continent to enter a state of economic stagnation.

Orban, who was re-elected to a fourth consecutive term in April, stressed that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member Hungary would stay out of the war in neighboring Ukraine.

He considered that the Western strategy on Ukraine was built on several pillars, including that Ukraine can win a war against Russia with NATO weapons, secondly, that sanctions will weaken Russia and destabilize its leadership, and thirdly, that sanctions will harm Russia more than Europe, and fourthly, that the world will unite in support of Europe.