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Hungary: EU to Discuss Sending "Peacekeeping" Forces to Ukraine

Fri 31 Mar 2023 | 06:03 PM
Ahmed Moamar

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban revealed today, Friday, that the European Union (EU) intends to discuss again the issue of sending "peacekeepers" to Ukraine.

Orban said, according to the (Russia Today) news channel, that "it has become possible to discuss with the member states of the European Union during the forthcoming talks the issue of whether they can send peacekeeping forces to Ukraine, or it is better not to send them."

Orban stressed his country's position refusing to supply lethal weapons to Ukraine, noting that Western countries are currently in talks to discuss the necessary quantity of planes, tanks, and missiles containing depleted uranium elements in order to send them to Ukraine, unlike the talks that took place last year, which were discussing the possibility of supplying lethal weapons to Kyiv.

These developments come at a time when the Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Relations, Peter Szijjarto, warned of the consequences of a direct conflict between NATO and Russia over Ukraine, stressing the need to work and make all possible efforts in this regard.