Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Human Rights Watchdog Reports Israeli Soldiers Kidnapped Gaza Children, Forced Relocations

Tue 02 Jan 2024 | 01:43 PM
By Ahmad El-Assasy

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor has issued a statement demanding that the state of Israel disclose the whereabouts of children who were forcibly moved or abducted by its soldiers from the Gaza Strip, and to return them to their families.

The watchdog group expressed grave concern over reports from Israeli media, which revealed the kidnapping of a Palestinian infant from the Gaza sector by an Israeli officer, following the killing of her family.

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor also highlighted that hundreds of families in the Gaza Strip have reported their children missing. The ongoing Israeli incursion, difficulties in clearing debris, disrupted communications and internet services, and the scattering of families due to forced displacement, make it challenging to verify the fate of these children.

Details of a Palestinian infant's abduction by a soldier from the Givati Brigade were disclosed by Israeli media. The abduction occurred before the soldier, identified as Harel Itach, was killed in the ongoing battles in northern Gaza on November 22nd.

Israeli Army Radio quoted a soldier, a friend of Itach, stating that the infant’s family was likely killed in an Israeli bombardment of the sector. Further details about the fate of the Palestinian infant have not been provided by the Israeli Army Radio.

The radio station later removed a tweet mentioning that "Itach" had kidnapped the girl and brought her to Israel, and that he was later killed in combat. The child's identity and whereabouts remain unknown.

Medical sources in Gaza have reported a significant increase in casualties, with approximately 22,000 fatalities and nearly 60,000 injuries as of the 87th day of the war. These sources also warn of the heightened risk of famine and the spread of diseases among the nearly two million displaced people in Gaza.