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How colors make us think and feel 

Thu 04 Mar 2021 | 07:05 PM
Ahmed Emam

Ordinary people have known about the power of color for a long time. ancient cultures in China, Egypt, and India used colors to heal sicknesses.

In the same context,  psychologists believed that each color had healing power. For example, many people used blue to decrease pain. Even today, some people say that colors can help people feel better. 

According to Dr Mohamed ElSulimany, a Saudi physiologist, "We can increase our understanding of ourselves and the whole world around us by learning about what color can mean and represent."

"Most people don't realize how much color affects them. It can affect how people think, feel, and act," said color psychology expert.

In Egypt, the white color represents goodness. it's usually the color of a bride's wedding dress.  However, In Eastern Asia, White can mean death.

Moreover, Green is actually the color of the dollar bills in the US, so it may make Americans think of money.

However, a new research shows that although colors may change the way a person feels, they cannot heal an illness.

It's worth mentioning that color psychology is the study of how color affects our emotions. Researchers are finding that colors can change our behavior in special ways. 

Ultimately, some colors, such as those in nature can have the same meaning for everyone. Other color meanings may be different in different cultures.