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How to Choose Chic Coat for the 2023 Winter?

Sun 15 Jan 2023 | 05:22 PM
By Pasant Elzaitony

In such cold weather, the coat and the jacket become major players for the elegance of style. So, how can you choose such a chic look with winter coats?

Here, we are presenting the collection of Egyptian stylist Rasha El Gammal.

El Gammal is introducing tips for choosing a stylish coat or jacket that suits you, and how to mix the simplicity of the design with the innovation of details.


When you buy a coat, you need to keep in your mind that the coat is an essential piece of clothing alongside your blouse, pullover, trousers, or skirt. So, you should choose a suitable size for the coat that matches your style.


Festive colors such as fuchsia, orange, yellow, and red are this winter's trendy colors. It's preferable to buy a coat in one of those colors alongside a main one with primary colors such as gray, beige, or black.


There are different smart hicks to renovate your old coat by adding colorful patches which would enrich the style of the coat.

In addition, you can go for fabric painting.


Tall coats are more suitable for tall ladies, and short jackets will be great for ladies who are medium-tall.

And, go for some simple designs that improve your shape.


Go for big collars for coats such as the cool shawl if you are slim, and choose simple collars if you have big breasts.


In case you decide to use black coats, you need to have colorful scarves and the employed colors should fit your skin and setting.